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Antara Saga

Maximillian Straker

The New Viking Mythological Fantasy Series

Who is Antara and what is her saga? A brief introduction…

Antara Saga is a gap-toothed flaxen tomboy who prefers sparring with axes to darning or farming or any of the other things expected of a Northlandic baron’s daughter. Her father is Lord Osric Saga, the valiant and venerable Defender of the West, a man of many children, though so consumed by his baronial duties that he has little time to raise them, with his castle thus becoming something of a field of warring clans -- clans comprised almost entirely of his children. Osric has only just begun to grapple with these problems when a carrier raven arrives from the east, bearing catastrophic news.

Dark forces are beginning to stir, in the frozen wastes beyond the Dragonwall Mountains; mysterious entities sleeping the sleep of aeons are beginning to open their eyes and awaken, beginning to hunger and to long for the strange and savage perversions illuminating the shadows of their fathomless hearts.

Antara is volume one of Antara Saga, a six-book series inspired by the Dark Ages of Northern Europe and the Golden Ages of Egypt and Rome. Publication details will be announced as soon as they are available. Until then I will be posting free chapters and short stories on this site. For all enquires please email 

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